Humpty Dumpty is a Little Greedy Bastard (1936) Cartoon

Gold Diggers of 1933 - "We're in the Money"

What were you thinking when you first saw this?

Patsy Cline - I've Loved and Lost Again

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Lawdeedaw says...

Lol, I just thought it was typical Sage gibberish. Kidding, thank you for this clarification buddy

Sagemind said:

Not sure if you get email notifications or not which quotes commnets.
I commented on your comment, accidentally dropping something off my pasteboard into the comment -- Please ignore that comment - I know it wont make any sense.

My comment has been corrected on the page.

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radx says...

I just watched Paul Mason's interview with Varoufakis and it's been rather depressing. Most of what he says is perfectly reasonable given the structural confines of the EZ. But it's all based on a belief in "mutual interests", a belief that negotiations can, and will, lead to a "mutually beneficial deal" with the financial inquisition.

Not sure if he's just adhering to his role as FinMin or if he truly believes it. I'd say it's a questionable assumption at best. From over here, it certainly looks like the creditors' position is "pay up, bitch!", end of story. Schäuble is not going to compromise, the majority of parliament is all in on neoliberalism and most of the electorate either doesn't care or even consents. Merkel might agree to a deal, given how she holds no convictions whatsoever except that being in power is better than not being in power. But Schäuble cannot be reined it with half the party being in lockstep with his actions.

No deal worth signing. Either full capitulation or they'll continue this charade with their buddies from PASOK and ND.

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notarobot says...

Thanks so much for commenting, and for helping me learn something!

pierrre said:

The zig-zags are there as its a crossing area and no cars are allowed to park on them. at all. ever.

And as for cats and dogs, there are announcements on all local radio stations reminding people to keep pets indoors. Its been going for ages, the locals know what to do Island population doubles for a week.

Also, been lurker for years, signed up to reply about road markings ffs

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bareboards2 says...

Yeah. Right. bareboards might have something to say about this....

siftbot said:

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 6 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

Louis Jordan & His Tympany 5 (1943) Jumpin At The Jubilee

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