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PlayhousePals says...

You didn't like the song at the end? I did

newtboy said:

Terrible recipe. He sucks at cooking.
Far better is cut them in 1/2 and pan fry them in olive oil, butter, and fresh rosemary. Instead of 30 min of cooking, they're ready in under 5 and are great.

Charming Vintage Footage of San Francisco (1955)

oritteropo (Member Profile)

radx says...

Take a look at these two charts, if you have a minute.

Spain: left scale is GDP (green) and industrial production & construction (black), right scale (inverted!) is unemployment rate (red)

Greece: same data, same scales

Unemployment tracks industrial production & construction in Greece and Spain, as you would expect. And so does GDP in Greece, but not in Spain.


It's too big a difference to not wonder if someone's fudging the numbers here to make it like austerity did the trick for Spain.

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Charming Vintage Footage of San Francisco (1955)

A Bridge Too Far - Tanks - They've Got Guns

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Barseps says...

Hey hey hey..........thank you kind sir

Mordhaus said:

*timeshift *EIA *quality

Yeah, he isn't counting radiant heat on his clothes/skin, which will definitely contribute to his internal temp.

He should have had a spotter, I cringed when he said nobody was nearby and he was in a secluded parking lot. Darwin candidate here...

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

Enzoblue says...

Well said man.

Mordhaus said:

You do not HAVE to talk to a police officer. You MAY have to show ID depending on the state, but in most cases you do NOT have to show ID unless you are driving or were recently driving a vehicle. At the time he began walking he was not currently being detained for a crime.

If you follow the video link, you will see there is an abundance of information, including legal statements from the state AG that indicate that the officers had NO LEGAL CAUSE to arrest or detain the person filming and were incorrect in charging him with OoJ.

What happened here is that the cop got pissed that someone was filming him, decided he wanted to toss his weight around a bit, and then got further pissed off when his posturing was ignored. He is a cop, damnit, and people should quake in their boots when he is talking to them.

That is the problem with our police officers today. They have this idea that they are special and should be treated as such, when in reality they are simply public servants, OUR servants. We pay their salary to, thoeretically, protect and serve us. We do not pay them so we can serve them and kneel at their beck and call.

There are still officers out there that believe that way, but they are scared or unwilling to out the majority who do not. Until they do, they are no better in the end. For instance, the SGT who showed up on scene could have said that this was incorrect procedure, apologized, and punished the fucker who started it. But no, gotta stick to the thin blue line and back up the fuckup who got pissed about being filmed. Now they all get in trouble, more respect is lost for police, and the county will likely get sued. All because one guy got pissy about being filmed.

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