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enoch says...

ha! beat me to it!

Taint said:

You're like a walking breathing parody of yourself.

I don't know whether you really can't wrap your head around concepts such as averages, or if you're just trying to be funny or something.

If you're honestly willing to ignore the vast majority of people who spend their lives studying a specific field for no other reason than you prefer trusting your gut, then the sympathy really needs to go entirely in your direction.

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eric3579 says...

Thanks dude!

newtboy said:

There are some excellent explanations of how and why the 'appearance' of a 'global warming hiatus' can give a false impression of reality, how the system works, and what data must be ignored to give that impression/appearance.
Unfortunately, if I understood correctly, we can expect ocean surface temperatures to rise quickly soon, now that the circulation is slower (IPO higher), because it will be heated from above and below.

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xxovercastxx (Member Profile)

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Fashions of the Future (1930's)

newtboy says...

Love it!
Coins, keys, and candies for cuties! Excellent.
Who knew that the first fanny pack was metallic and a double wide!?!

I always love the voice over on these old/future films.

Josh White - Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out

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enoch says...

i love when you go all medevil on someones ass!

lucky760 said:

@chicchorea, @youtubeyj is lying through his fucking teeth.

He's responsible for Senior Audience Development for the company who focuses on "SEO optimization" (which mean search engine optimization optimization) and tactical cross-promotion for their customers.

This is the worst kind of self-linker/spammer, the kind who knows exactly how they're attempting to stealthily violate our posting guidelines and is trying hard to bend us over a barrel and violate our collective rectum.

It amazes me that these "reputable" companies still only try to improve their customers' online presence through fucking disgusting, deceitful spam like this bullshit.


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BoneRemake (Member Profile)

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