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cricket says...

Thanks lucky

lucky760 said:

One of the very rare times they're there for you when you need them. Thank goodness.

So many pricks are such unbelievable assholes to cyclists it blows my mind.


Pink Floyd's Earliest Appearance Post Syd Barrett

Pink Floyd's Earliest Appearance Post Syd Barrett

Pink Floyd's Earliest Appearance Post Syd Barrett

Victory for Mercedes-Benz at the 1939 German Grand Prix

oritteropo says...


If you're interested, the results are availble here -

Only 7 cars were classified as finishing:

1 Rudolf Caracciola (DEU),Daimler-Benz AG/Mercedes-Benz W154, 22 laps 4:08:41.8 (!)
2 Hermann Paul Müller (DEU),Auto Union/Auto Union D,22 laps +57.8
3 Paul Pietsch (DEU),Officine A. Maserati/Maserati 8CTF,21 laps +1 Lap
4 René Dreyfus (FRA),Ecurie Lucy O'Reilly Schell/Delahaye 145,20 laps +2 Laps
5 "Raph" (FRA),Ecurie Lucy O'Reilly Schell/Delahaye 145,19 laps +3 Laps
6 Robert Mazaud (FRA),Private entry/Delahaye T135CS,19 laps +3 Laps
7 Leonhard Joa (DEU),Süddeutsche Renngemeinschaft/Maserati 4CM,19 laps,+3 Laps

The rest were retirements except for one disqualification:

Ret Tazio Nuvolari (ITA),Auto Union/Auto Union D, lap 19 (Engine)
Ret Rudolf Hasse (DEU),Auto Union/Auto Union D,lap 12 (Accident)
Ret Georg Meier (DEU),Auto Union/Auto Union D,lap 11 (Broken front stub axle)
DSQ Adolfo Mandirola (CHE),Private entry/Maserati 6CM,lap 10 (Disqualified)
Ret Luigi Villoresi (ITA),Officine A. Maserati/Maserati 8CTF,lap 7 (Fuel tank)
Ret Manfred von Brauchitsch (DEU),Daimler-Benz AG/Mercedes-Benz W154,lap 6 (Leaking tank)
Ret Heinz Brendel (DEU),Daimler-Benz AG/Mercedes-Benz W154,lap 4 (Accident)
Ret Hermann Lang (DEU),Daimler-Benz AG/Mercedes-Benz W154,lap 3 (Engine)
Ret Raymond Sommer (FRA),Private entry/Alfa Romeo Tipo 308, lap 1,(Engine)
Ret Hans Stuck (DEU),Auto Union/Auto Union D,lap 1 (Fuel pipe)

TheGenk said:

(Grand Prix of Germany - 1939)


Pink Floyd's Earliest Appearance Post Syd Barrett

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Victory for Mercedes-Benz at the 1939 German Grand Prix

TheGenk says...

(Grand Prix of Germany - 1939)

Again hundreds of thousands converged on the Nürburgring to witness the struggle for the first Grand Prix of Greater Germany.

Seventeen racing cars stand at the race's start: Mercedes Benz, Auto Union, Alfa Romeo, Maserati und Delahaye.
The proud airship «Graf Zeppelin» with its 4 Mercedes Benz motors came to visit, too.
The field is already entering the southern bend - the battle has begun.

From a bird's eye view the racing race cars look like kid's toys.
But for the drivers 500km on the hardest racetrack of the world is all but child's play.
More than a thousand times they have to de-clutch, shift, brake.
The tiniest of mistakes endangers life and victory.
Bend joins bend; sharp inclines and abrupt falls alternate.
The machines' strain is enormous.
The machines have to provide over 7000 revs.
And all that for close to four hours - a grim ordeal for car and driver.

Breakdowns are numerous.
Caracciola, who seized the lead in lap 13, bears the great Mercedes Benz community's hopes.

Scattered showers made the track dangerously slippery, but calm and confident, the experienced master Caracciola guides his car towards the finish line.
Excitedly, chief engineers Wagner and Heeß, the designers of the Mercedes Benz racing cars, watch the contest's thrilling final stage.
The last round: Celebrated by the spectators Caracciola crosses the finish line.

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oritteropo says...

I just saw that you can cut and past the automatic German transcript on the video info now, and maybe you even could before, it looks like it might be easier to correct this than to start from scratch? Actually you can get the gist of it from this, so maybe I was a bit hard on it earlier:

0:07 wieder sind Hunderttausende auf dem Nürburgring zusammengeströmt ob Zeugen
0:11 des Kampfes um die ersten großen Preis von Großbritannien zu werden
0:19 zehn Rennen waren stehen am Start
0:21 Mercedes Benz auto-union
0:23 Alfa Romeo Maserati und de La Red auch das deutsche Luftschiff «Graf
0:28 Zeppelin» mit seinen 4 Mercedes steckt Motoren
0:32 jetzt zu Besuch gekommen
0:34 da wiegt schon Aspekt in die Südkurve
0:36 SES Schlacht hat begonnen
0:46 die Kinder spielen sollte der Kredit in Japan in den Rennwagen aus der PROGEN
0:50 Schau
0:52 die Fahrer sind 500 Kilometer
0:54 auf dieser schwieriges den Rennstrecke der Welt alles andere als ein
0:58 Kinderspiel
0:59 mehr als tausend mal müssen die Kuppel schalten bremsen
1:04 der kleinste Fehler fair geblieben und 7
1:08 reiht sich an Trubel scharfe Steigungen Wechsel mit jenen Gefällen
1:13 und auch heuer Lich ist die Beanspruchung der Maschine
1:16 mehr als 7000 Touren müssen die Mietwohnung in der Minute drehen
1:20 und all das durch nahezu vier Stunden eine unerbittlich der Zerreißprobe der
1:26 Wagen und Fahrer
1:31 die Ausfälle sind groß
1:33 Caracciola dass ich in der dreizehnten Runde die Führung bei Rot hat trägt
1:38 die Hoffnungen der Kreuze Mercedes Benz Gemeinde
1:48 ich Weise niedergehen der Regenschauer Orban den Rink gefährlich
1:54 aber ruhig und sicher Streuer der erfahrene Meister ca Akio nach reinem
1:58 tragen dem Ziele zu
2:01 gespannt verfolgen die Oberin hingehöre Wagener und WAZ die Konstrukteure der
2:05 Mercedes Benz Rennwagen
2:07 die Regie in der Schlussphase des Kampfes
2:10 die letzte Runde unter dem Jubel der Zuschauer geht Aktion Adult Ziel

TheGenk said:

If there's an interest in a translation, I'll do one.

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Taint says...

Hey thanks. I'm always willing to admit when I realize I'm wrong, and I was being the dickish one by accusing you of an entirely ugly motivation.

So apologies, enoch, nothing but respect for ya, man.

enoch said:

you are alright my man.
hope you didnt find my tongue and cheek response too dickish.
i was going for irreverant rather than douche,but as per usual,you arise to the occasion and prove why i have so much respect for you.

stay awesome bud!

Jack LaLanne says life should be a musical

Butch Cassidy and The Sun Dance Kid

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Januari says...

Rational, reasonable and completely realistic... well said...

Taint said:

I realize everyone is foaming at the mouth and positive of what happened here, but it should be noted that Israel denies hitting the hospital, and that the United Nations had not confirmed the source of the blasts.

Everyone wants to paint Israel like this giant monster, but things are being way overstated. Let's get serious. If Israel was embarking on a program of "ethnic cleansing" they could easily kill every last person in Gaza. Seems clear enough to anyone that this is not what they're trying to do.

If Hamas was in Mexico shooting rockets at Texas half the people shouting genocide at Israel would be wearing little yellow ribbons hoping our soldiers all come back safe from our Mexican invasion.

I have a hard time imagining, or believing, that anyone purposely bombed a hospital full of children. But I can easily believe accidents of all kinds will happen in a battleground the size of Detroit.

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