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Neil Young - debut of "Old Man" - Live at the Cellar Door

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BoneRemake says...

It is someone who got banned because they posted their own material and were caught on it and now they made that profile so they can spout some shit.

Sagemind said:

How is it that @mygamesarefun could possibly have an opinion on how VideoSift is run, they have never even posted a video, or commented before....

Either, it's a hit and run comment, or a sock puppet is on the loose...

chicchorea (Member Profile)

chicchorea says...

Coprolite Retention Managed:

...all you got liar, coward, felon?...pitiful.

Here is a teaser for you...

"little...thing" = choggie



...did I say I had everything already copied? All your words and dribblings...none of your empty lying BS. FACTS!

You should have backed off...or better yet never have started...but you can't help it...gotta keep on...your over compensatory, lying, self loathing, twisted, vacillating, vulgar, bullying has worked with so many others here... letting you delude yourself into...well, as I said....

...every lie, at least, even remotely connected to me and what I have asserted...copied, dated and time stamped....

Keep poking the hornet's nest, Stupid., get to deleting, ie., wiping up your dribbling trail. Won't work.

chingalera said:

Yeah, anal retention managed for your own public masturbatory aside-Happy to accommodate as you litter your profile with your own tripe-What do you expect to accomplish copper? Civility?

chicchorea said:
chicchorea says...
Retention Managed:

...see...that's what I mean...funny....

...and you said is was not "little...thing,"...I understand...hard keeping the lies straight. Don't fret, "little...thing," I saved them for you and ....

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