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lucky760 says...

Siftbot does do that for posts that are not the invoker's, but I think you're missing the point.

We don't want a sifter who's out of his head to try and take videos' votes for themselves not because the timing is off but maybe because maybe it's not actually a dupe and they're just trying to gain more votes.

newtboy said:

Ahhhhh, I do see how that could be abused. But can't sifty just see which one was posted first?

lucky760 (Member Profile)

newtboy says...

Ahhhhh, I do see how that could be abused. But can't sifty just see which one was posted first?

lucky760 said:

You can't try to dupeof a video in favor of your own video because that would be an attempt to steal take another video's posts for yourself.

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VoodooV says...

hah! Hi, my name is Walter, this is my brother Walter, and this is my other brother Walter

Some people say I have.....two femurs

bareboards2 said:

6' 5"!

I love a long femur in my men.

(Favorite moment while working a cash register -- three men in my line. Only three men. They were all 6' 5" tall. And two of them were named Walter. I mean really.)

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gorillaman says...

You are a demented fascist.

Sabre said:

I say we have a strong contender to be on the TSA No-Fly List here. + a couple of other lists i can think off. I'll just forward this to the tip line, they can decide if your as crazy as you seem. Better safe than sorry I always say.

Lionel Trains and Space Missle Sets (males will enjoy this)

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lucky760 says...

Hi theali!

Thanks for upgrading to charter and helping to support the Sift!

You're all set to rock and roll with your new charter account for the next month.


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gorillaman says...

I think it's noble to do whatever little you can to oppose the brutal half-century long occupation, humiliation, starvation and assassination of your people, yes.

Israel is an illegal occupying power in international law, that's a fact. It constantly violates practically every obligation that occupation incurs in international law; it engages in collective punishment, it regularly seizes and destroys private property, it laughingly fails to provide for the safety and welfare of the population under its control, it settles occupied territory with its civilians, it forcibly relocates Palestinian civilians, it routinely ignores the UN's attempts to restrain these and other illegal behaviours, these are facts.

Israel is engaged in terrorism in Gaza and elsewhere, and has been for decades - fact.

Sabre said:

You actively admit supporting terrorist organisations? Why stop at Hamas then, you can’t have double standards now can you. Here I’ll help you:

"There are no terrorist targets in Iraq. Occupied people have a right to resist, both ethically and under international law. Al-Qaida rocket fire/suicide bombings isn't terrorism, it isn't war, but a ghetto uprising; just as doomed and just as noble."

Do you think it’s noble to fire rockets out of hospitals hiding behind defenceless civilians?

The whole world expect Russia,Turkey and China sees Hamas as a terrorist organisation, maybe you should consider moving from the UK gorilla warfare man.

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