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eric3579 says...

re sifters: Doing a survey because i think the current member list may be broken. I'm sending this because it says you are currently on the sift. If when you see this you know you were not on the sift when this was time stamped could you let me know thanks.

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newtboy says...

I've noticed something odd happening on my profile page. The 'last power points used' line has stopped reacting, actually it still says Dec 8, 2014, even though I use power points almost daily. Not important, but it is odd.

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Drachen_Jager says...

Tachyons haven't really been proven.

One theory that has a lot of merit (apparently) is that neutrinos are tachyons.

newtboy said:

Photon's have mass, certainly, but neutrinos go faster than light? First I've ever heard of that, are you sure you don't mean tachyons?

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blackfox42 says...

Sorry to bug you again ...

Don't know if this is just me or not ... with the new permalink page, when viewing one that has a dead video (such as this example) I just get a big blank grey screen where the video should be, which makes me think maybe the page isn't loading properly or something. If I opt out of the beta, then I see the YouTube player window and if I press play I get the message "this video does not exist".

Is there anyway with the beta version to better convey that you're seeing a dead video and not a possible browser error?

Thanks Keep up the good work!!

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Nitzer Ebb - Murderous - Classic Industrial (1986)

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Zawash says...

..And remembered that it was a diesel engine.

Edit: Although, in an alternate universe, the poster made sure to reply in the video thread instead of posting on another user's wall.

L0cky said:

Then she forgot to pay.

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