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Remember this voice from Spongebob?

dag says...

Are you sure? "Tiny Tim visited my bedside while I was deeply sedated" seems like just the kind of thing I would experience post-surgery.

shinyblurry said:

He visited me in the hospital when I was a kid getting my adenoids removed. I don't remember it though because I had just gotten out of surgery.

Remember this voice from Spongebob?

Remember this voice from Spongebob?

PlayhousePals says...

Fun Fact: He showered several times a day! I had a friend who played bass in his tour band during the "Miss Vicki" daze.

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poolcleaner says...

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Good luck, Sifter!

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eric3579 says...

No, haven't been in quite a few years now. I think my burning man days are over. Although you never know what the future holds

jan said:

thanks so much. are you going to burning man this year?

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Remember this voice from Spongebob?

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Don't Think Twice It's Alright [Bob Dylan 1962]

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