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bareboards2 says...

Keiki Naia. Your kid had some spunk, didn't she?

Thank you for sharing her with us.

I hope you have the comfort of a fairy forest for her somewhere.

oblio70 said:

Michaela. Keiki Naia (the name she wanted us to call her). Born with half of a heart, Heart Transplant at 4 years old, and another at 5. Died during a routine checkup at Stanford 2 years later, one that led to urgent precautionary measures while they investigated an of those were mishandled.

The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight (1961)

Chaucer says...

love these older musical performances as they used to completely lip/play sync the whole number due to technical limitations at the time. The funnies ones from this era imo is The Who.

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Gyrojet Carbine - Forgotten Weapons

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