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Awakward Audience Reactions to "Face Down Ass Up" on Donahue

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enoch says...

you are STILL the epitome of cool my friend!

schmawy said:

The Sift is like a real nice old neighborhood bar. The kind of bar you hope never closes. It's quiet, friendly, and classy in a slightly retro way. Maybe you moved out of town a couple of years ago, and you just happen to be driving through and exclaim "Ooh shit, that place is still open!? I gotta go in!"

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poolcleaner says...

I understand. I've been in cover bands. I was providing solid, factual information and the zeitgeist of the truly raw emotional music called metal. How does this equate to the lack of understanding of the music industry and the game they force musicians into? Then the game those very musicians somehow embrace via, what, musical Stockholm syndrome? lol!!!

Yeah, it sure is a good way to practice and get views. I agree, but how is it Top 15? All the other good musicians playing the good but unpopular songs and aren't cute enough for branding?

Yay Capitalism. It works. Who would have guessed. But I don't base my up votes on this sad fact of economics. It's bullshit. The music industry should be a sacred institution of musical progression and the pursuit of higher standards in music. But it's just a machine. The machine doesn't produce the truly great stuff. The great stuff is made by geniuses who write music because they breath it. It's made by disenfranchised youth. It is NOT this. This is cute but fucking SAD. But I guess no one gives a fuck because cool that's how it works. Ignore the superior talent, the artists with passion and personal drive due to adversity -- nooooooooo, focus on the popular talent.

FlowersInHisHair said:

Covering popular standards is a good way of practicing and also of getting some views. Many bands on YouTube do it and it seems a bit weird and pompous to pick on these talented performers for doing it too.

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radx says...

The Labour Party Manifesto is quite the mixed bag, if the Guardian's bullet points are reasonably accurate.

Some good ideas in it, but looming over all, again, is the one-two of deficit reduction and "competetive" (aka miniscule) corporate tax rates. Any guess on how many of their decent ideas would be scrapped due to budgetary constraints? My money would be on 70%+.

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The Musical Chair: Dogs destroy a wooden chair.

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